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Dear Parents, 
As the school year draws to an end and summer approaches, that means football season is just around the corner. The coaching staff and I are very excited about the upcoming season. To prepare for the season we will be conducting multiple activities. Below you will find a summer schedule. The summer activities are an invaluable tool for a successful season. If your son has never attended summer workouts, or has never played football, please encourage him to join us this summer. Attendance during the summer is not mandatory to join the team in the fall; however, it does provide an opportunity to stay in shape, learn skills that will be utilized during the season and increases team unity. 

During the summer we will have workouts 5pm to 8pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Players will be placed into groups based on their projected positions both offensively and defensively. Each group will be assigned a time and place to perform their workout. Each group's workout will take about 90 minutes. 

There are a few details that need to be addressed before the summer gets into full swing.
1) Sports physicals: while your son can participate in the summer activities without a physical, he must have a sports physical before the start of the season Aug. 6th.
2) Team Camps: We will be attending Varsity Veer Camp in Montrose Michigan July 23rd, 24th and 25th see the Victor's Veer Camp Flyer.
3) We will be having our Varsity and JV team camp at BRHS July 30th and 31 '1 cost is $20.00. Included in the cost of camp are our team tee shirts.
4) 7 on 7 passing leagues: we will be participating in several passing leagues; dates will be announced when they are finalized. Both Varsity and JV. teams will attend.
5) Dead Period: Our school will have a dead period from July l '1 - July 8th; during this time there wiII be no conditioning or sports-related activities. Commitment to summer activities is extremely important to our success.

There is a direct correlation between summer participation and winning football; this is due to the amount of work that we can accomplish while attending our camps. 

This will be another exciting season of Cardinal football, and your son will be an integral part of continuing to build on the foundation of success created over past seasons! Please do everything you can to encourage your son's participation in our summer activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.  


Mike Selzer
Varsity Football Head Coach


Summer Football Calendar - 2018


Summer Lifting Calendar - 2018