Big Rapids Virtual School

BRVS continued their cooking for teen’s class with the MSU Cooperative Extension Office. Chef Don Zimmer and MSU Extension staff member Effie Jack led the 2 classes and the students learned so many things.

BRVS continued their foreign language blended learning class where the students come to get instruction from Mrs. Maggie Keating. Students not only work online, as with all of their classes, but they also meet with Mrs. Keating to go over the language speaking aspects. 

BRVS had their largest graduating class. They graduated 18 students on May 20, 2016!

The Virtual School began the BRVS mentor program. 14 BRVS students were matched up with school and community members that worked with them during the school year.

BRVS had nearly 20 students attend the MOISD Career Center in a variety of programs. Not only did they attend but they were very successful.

BRVS is excited to announce they currently have over 100 students enrolled!

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