Riverview Elementary

Riverview prides itself on working hard academically, creating a positive school environment and engaging in community service. During the fall and winter, all kids at Riverview go through a battery of assessments to gather baseline data for school improvement and student academic growth. All staff members frequently attend professional development to help drive the academic success of Riverview.

Technology has come to the forefront in education.  Riverview instructional staff are utilizing an array of tech devices within the classroom for instruction. We are fortunate to have a Smartboard, Netbooks, Chromebooks, Document Camera’s and iPads in the classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

Riverview Elementary has an extremely positive school environment which allows students to participate in many positive learning environment activities including spirit week, concerts, plays, book fairs, Title Nights, Reflex, ice cream socials, parades, field trips, Life S.P.A.N, health and fitness, and parent teacher conferences.

Throughout the school year, Riverview students participate in a few community service projects, such as, food drives, holiday door tag hanging, card-making for our troops, and fundraising for specific community organizations.

Students in all grades work with each other as mentors, reading and bus buddies, as well as, academic tutors. Our learning environment is also enhanced through a partnership with Ferris State University, which includes 40 and 80 hr education students, FSU Student Teachers, FSU “Reading Literacy” work study students, volunteers from FSU Athletic Department, FSU Social Work students, social organization volunteers and research students. Many community members volunteer their time at Riverview to work with our students academically and build relationships. Riverview prides itself in the Community/School relationship.

Volunteer parents, community members, Ferris State Work Study students and other organizations, and the Riverview PTO all contribute to Riverview’s successes.  The PTO’s “Get Movin’ Crew Walk-a-thon” fundraiser brought in over $29,000, funding school projects, playground equipment, and parent involvement!  

The staff at Riverview radiates high energy and embraces positivity, teamwork and the love of learning. They continue to “Rock” the students learning and work hard at making our students experience at school the best it can be!

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