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Big Rapids Public Schools is proud to partner with Evergreen Physical Therapy and offer an on-site athletic trainer for student-athletes.   The health and safety of the athletes that compete at BRPS is a top priority and this partnership ensures that those athletes receive immediate care and attention in case of injury.  

If you suspect a student-athlete of having a concussion, inform the Athletic Trainer immediately!


If your student-athlete has sustained a concussion or is suspected to have sustained a concussion, you will receive a concussion packet of information.   The packet will explain the steps that need to be taken to get your student-athlete back to participating in their sport.  The Big Rapids High School Athletic Trainer will complete the documents and give them to a parent/guarding of the student-athlete.

The packet includes the following documents:  Parent Concussion Notification Letter, Evergreen Concussion Information, Note to Physician, Neurosport Return to Play, and MHSAA Return to Play.

If you are unsure as to whether your child has sustained a concussion, please refer to this Quick Concussion Guide for Parents.


Parents and student-athletes may also visit these websites for more information:

Official Health System of the MHSAA

HEADS UP to Brain Injury Awareness

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