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Cross Country Summer Training Information

Summer training is very important for the amount of success you will have for the cross country season.  The amount of hard-effort training you need to do over the summer is minimal.  The key to boosting endurance is to consistently log in mileage DAILY, with runs that are low to moderate intensity.  If you're serious about cross country you should plan to set aside an hour to an hour and a half a day for running and stretching.  You're welcome to participate even if you can't or won't train over the summer, but you can expect a rude awakening in August and to fall short of your goals. Cross Country is a summer sport that's played out in fall.  It is a test of physical, mental, and emotional strength; and it's one of the most uplifting, thankless, rewarding, and frustrating endeavors you will ever pour your heart into.  To a limited extent, success in distance running is, like success in any sport, on natural ability.  But there is NO other sport in which patience, dedication, and plain hard work can better overcome a dearth of "talent".  Whatever your main goal is in cross country (increased physical fitness, a sense of community, an individual or team championship) you are simply cheating yourself if you do not take advantage of your summer vacation and return in August in good shape, because the kids who have been training will eat you alive.  It really is that simple.  

The following documents are an outline of summer training.  It is a safe guide of what you should be doing over the summer.  We do meet Monday through Friday over the summer and there will be more than just running at those practices.  We will be doing body weight strength training (Monday and Thursday), running drills, core workouts, etc.  The added training needs to be supervised in order to prevent injuries and over training.  

Please click here to see the full Cross Country Summer Training Packet