Food Service Department

Charge Policy

We allow students to charge breakfast and lunch only. We have a charge policy limit of $8.55 per student on the account. Exceeding that amount may result in your child receiving an alternative meal. The State of Michigan requires schools to charge for this alternate meal. If parents do not respond in a timely manner, proper authorities will be notified. Please help us make your child’s meal time a pleasant one, by keeping money on their lunch account. Also, please note, near the end of each school year we discontinue our charge policy.  This helps us take care of any existing negative balances.  We understand that some situations cannot be helped.  In these circumstances, please call Jane DeVries or Barb Ward at 796-7653, We will work with you to assure your students get a healthy meal. You may also limit your child’s purchases by calling Jane DeVries or Barb Ward at 796-7653. We can apply a message to your child’s lunch account that will alert the cashiers of your child’s restrictions. The most popular restriction is “breakfast and lunch only—must have the cash for extras.”  You will also need to call us if you would like the restrictions removed. from your child’s account.  

Food Service Director


Please help us make your student's meal time a pleasant one!