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My children receive free or reduced meals, do they have to go through a special line and only get certain food?

Free and reduced students use the same lines and can eat the same food as all students. However, they do need to get a state-regulated meal to qualify for a free or reduced priced meal. If they do not wish to get the state-regulated meal they will be required to pay cash or have money on their account to cover the cost of these items when they are purchased. We also offer extra items that meet the “Smart Snacks in Schools” that are not included with meals. All students must pay cash or have money on their account before these purchases are allowed.

What qualifies for a state-regulated free or reduced lunch?

We use an Offer versus Serve Program. This allows students to decline a certain number of food items in the meal. This minimizes plate waste and allows us to offer more food choices to our students.

This means we have to offer all five required items: one serving each of meat/meat alternate, milk, grains/breads; and two servings of vegetables/fruit. (Student's must take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable) Students are allowed to decline up to two of the items offered.

Some examples: 
A) 1 entrée (see menus for a lists of entrées offered), 1 fresh fruit, salad bar and 1 milk
B) 1 entrée, 1 fruit and 1 milk 
C) Salad bar, 1 fresh fruit and 1 milk (Student's must take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable)
D) 1 entrée and 1 order of fries (fries or potatoes available only at certain lines)

Most of our entrées consist of 1 meat/meat alternative and 1 grain/bread. So an entrée and 1 other item would qualify for a state-regulated meal.

What qualifies for a state-regulated free or reduced breakfast?

1 milk, 1 juice and/or fruit, either 2 servings grain/bread or 1 serving grain/bread & 1 serving meat/meat alternate

Students must take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable

Students may refuse one of the other food components

Some examples:
A) 1 Cereal, 1 Muffin, 1 Milk & 1 Fruit
B) 1 Cereal, 1 Milk, & 1 Fruit

How do I apply for free or reduced meals?

Our Family Free and Reduced Applications makes applying for free or reduced meals easy and confidential. Click here for more information.

Can I find out what my child/children are eating or if they are eating?

Yes, we have a couple different ways for you to keep track of your child's purchases.

You can request an itemized statement of your family account by contacting Barb Ward by phone at (231)796-7653 or through email.

We also have a Family Access Program that allows you to view their purchases. For more information regarding the Skyward Family Access Program, click here.

Can I put limits on what my child is purchasing?

Yes, we have the ability to put messages on your child's account that informs the cashiers of any limits, restrictions, and/or comments you would like. You can do this by contacting Barb Ward by phone at (231)796-7653 or via email.  

What if my child forgets his/her lunch money can they charge?

Yes, but we do have a charge policy in effect at all our schools. Click here to view our charge policy.

What if I can’t pay for my children’s meals until a certain date?

If you know that your child’s account will exceed the charge policy before you can apply money, please contact Barb Ward by phone at (231)796-7653 or via email.

She can then inform the cashier at your child’s school to allow them to charge beyond the limit until you can pay.

Can I have my children on separate lunch accounts?

"My son at the high school is using all of the money on our family account"

It can be done, but only as the last resort. What happens is it separates your children not only in food service but also in student records by creating an individual family for each one of your children. The system then will not recognize them as siblings. We first try limiting the student’s purchases through wanding messages and/or mailing you a monthly statement of your family account. These purchases can also be tracked through our Family Access Program.

Can I write one check to pay for all of my children’s lunches?

Yes, if all of your children are on the same account one check can be sent to school with any of your children. When we apply the check to his/her account it will automatically appear under the other children’s names immediately. If your account is low or has exceeded our charge policy it best to send it with the child that eats lunch or breakfast first.

Can I eat lunch with my child at his/her school? If so, what do I need to do?

Absolutely, we would love to have you eat lunch with your child/children and visit our food service department. If your child attends an elementary school, you will need to order and pay for the lunch prior to or no later than breakfast time that same day. Notification is not required at our Middle School and High School level. Check current meal prices for the cost of adult meals.

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