Food Service Department

Free & Reduced Meals

2019-2020 School Year

Applying for and receiving free and reduced meals is simple and confidential. We use family application forms, so parents only need to fill out one form per family. Applications are entered into our Skyward Program at our Food Service Central Office only. This provides confidentiality of your income and/or food stamp case number.

All students use their food service accounts in the same manner regardless of their qualifying status. Giving them the opportunity to purchase extra items by adding money to their family account or paying cash as they purchase these extra items. We have several full paid students that parents have limited their purchases to meals only to be deducted from their account and must pay cash for all other items. Making it impossible for other students in line to determine who is free, reduced, or full paid.

Your family income and the number of people living in the household or a food stamp or FIP case number will determine whether you're eligible for free, reduced or full paid meals. If your income falls under the income level stated on the chart below for your family size, you will be eligible for reduced meals or possibly even free meals.

Scale for Reduced Price Meals 2019-2020

Total Family Size Yearly
Every Two
Weeks Income
  1 $22,459 $1,872 $936 $863 $432


$2,538 $1,268 $1,171 $586
  3 $38,443 $3,204 $1,602 $1,478 $740
  4 $46,435 $3,870 $1,935 $1,786 $893
  5 $54,427 $4,536 $2,268 $2,093 $1,047
  6 $62,419 $5,202 $2,601 $2,401 $1,201
  7 $70,411 $5,868 $2,934 $2,708 $1,355
  8 $78,403 $6,534 $3,267 $3,015 $1,508
For each additional
family member add:
$7,992 $666 $333 $307 $154

Free and reduced applications are available at your child's school or the Food Service Central Office.

Only one application is needed per family. 

Free and reduced applications can be returned to school with your child or mailed to:
Big Rapids Public School Food Service
500 N. Warren
Big Rapids, MI 49307

If you have any questions or need assistance with the free and reduced application, please contact us:

Food Service Director

Jane DeVries
(231) 796-7653


Barb Ward
(231) 796-7653