Food Service Department

Purchases & Online Payments

Today's families lead busy lives, leaving less time to prepare a good breakfast or pack a well-balanced lunch. At Big Rapids Public Schools, the Food Service Department knows how important it is for children to eat healthy. We provide a wide variety of nutritious food to our students daily to promote good health and education.

The convenience of our Skyward Online Food Service Program assures parents confidentiality and up to date information concerning what foods their child chooses to purchase and the balance of their family account. Having this information at the tip of our fingers allows us to work with you to promote life-long good health.

We also offer a convienient payment option through e-Funds for Schools.  e-Funds allows parents to electronically add funds to their students food service accounts.

For more information about purchases and payments through our Food Service Department, please refer to the resources below:

Each student has a personal food service barcode number/identification card which allows them to purchase items from a family account. All purchases are recorded and kept separate for each family member, but the cost is deducted from one family account. This allows the parents to issue one check for the entire family in our Big Rapids Public Schools and still determine where the money is being spent.

Purchases and payments can be tracked by our Family Access Program or by requesting an itemized statement of your family meal account.

To request a statement, contact Barb Ward at (231)796-7653.

If you have Internet access and would like more information on our Family Access Program, click here.

Payments can be applied to your family account on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Payments can be made by cash, check, or money order, payable to BRPS Food Service. Payments can be sent to school with your child or mailed to our food service central office at:

Big Rapids Public School Food Service
500 N. Warren
Big Rapids, MI 49307


Money left on your family account will roll over to the next school year or you can request a refund. We require a signed note from a parent or guardian   requesting the funds to be returned to you or your student. If you are leaving the district or your child is graduating and you do not have any other children in the district, you must also send in a signed note to request the refund to be paid to you or your student. It is best to make your refund request before the last day your child will attend school. Money can also be transferred to another students account upon your written request. If you have any questions or would like to request a refund please call 231-796-7653 for Jane Devries or Barb Ward.


Big Rapids Public Schools is pleased to offer an online food service payment option using "e-Funds for Schools" electronic payment services.  You have the ability to make lunch payments electronically either by using your checking account or your credit card.  

This service is user friendly, and is accessed through your existing Family Access (Skyward) account, provided by Big Rapids Public Schools.

For more information about "e-Funds for Schools", please use the links below:

e-Fund Parent Letter

e-Fund Registration Guidelines


To receive free or reduced meals, simply fill out and return a free and reduced application or you can also use your Family Access to fill out an application online. Your family income and the number of people living in your household or a food stamp or FIP case number will determine whether you qualify for free, reduced, or full paid meals.

All applications are kept confidential and our scanning process is set up to accommodate all students in the same manner, regardless of qualifying account status.  This allows our food service staff to maintain cost confidentiality amongst students. 


You can pre-pay on your family account or pay daily for the extra items your child may want to purchase. Additionally, you have the ability to set up restrictions on your student's account that alert food service employees at check out.  This gives parents the ability to pay for entree meals from their account and requires students to pay cash for any Ala carte items they may choose in addition to the entree.

If you would like more information about our Free & Reduced Program, please click here.

For more information, contact Barb Ward at 231-796-7653.