Welcome to Big Rapids Public Schools

Thank you voters!

We are excited to share the progress that has been made in regards to the passing of the bond on May 8, 2018.  Please continue to check this page for updates on all the exciting changes yet to come for Big Rapids Public Schools and the Big Rapids community.  We can't thank you enough for your support!


Phase 1

Phase 1 of bond progress is already underway!


BRPS has already made the following improvements in the priority areas listed here:

Classrooms & Learning

New band equipment and Chromebooks are already in classrooms!

At the Middle School and High School, Mr. Todd, Mr. Balch, and all the students have enjoyed the new band equipment the bond funds have allowed.  From bells and tubas to clarinets and xylophones, these improvements will see the BRPS students well into the future in our award-winning band program.  

The technology department has also gotten in on the fun and has begun to equip the Middle School, High School and Virtual School with new Chromebooks and ChromeCarts, getting the district closer to our goal of 1:1 technology!


Safety & Security

We have purchased buses and cameras that are already in use!

The safety of students at BRPS is always at the forefront of district decisions.  As such, some of our first spending of bond funds was in this priority area and spending for this priority area will be ongoing.  The district has already purchased three buses, ensuring safety while transporting our students daily.  

Additionally, security cameras have been added in buses and at the elementary schools, thus far.  The Technology Resource Center has been able to keep the servers for the security cameras in-house, resulting in significant savings for the district.  


Building & Grounds

Students were able to use new microphones in the latest school production, The Wizard of Oz!

While the majority of the improvements in Building & Grounds are slated for Phase 2 and 3, there has been some progress made in this priority area.  Exterior building updates at the Virtual School have been completed.  In addition, the district has purchased a portion of the new sound equipment for the High School auditorium.  The Middle School students were able to benefit from these purchases during their recent production, The Wizard of Oz. 


Phase 2

Phase 2 includes groundbreaking for the two Elementary Schools and High School additions.


Big Rapids School district is working hard to deliver the plan the Big Rapids community supported during the election process.  Countless hours are spent balancing design elements and fiscal responsibility, all the while maintaining the goal of offering our students with opportunities to be successful.  

Schematic design and design development are already underway.  Bidding and groundbreaking are to come in the following priority areas:  

Classroom & Learning

Planning for expansions to the elementary buildings is underway.  Each elementary would add a collaboration space and four classrooms, designed to transform as needs change from year to year.  Renderings of the additions can be seen here:

Building & Grounds

Auditorium improvements to sound systems, scrim and curtains, lighting, and storage will be ongoing in Phase 2 and you can expect to see updates beginning in the spring and summer of 2019. 

Additionally, the district is working hard to maintain fiscal responsibility while still offering the community the improvements to athletic facilities that were supported in the bond proposal phases.  To that end, construction on those projects will begin as soon as possible with groundbreaking to begin no later than the spring of 2020.

Phase 3

Classroom remodeling will be the highlight of Phase 3.


Classroom remodeling will include HVAC improvements, furniture upgrades, new flooring, new ceilings and more technology upgrades district-wide.  

Schematic design for these improvements is underway as of this March.  

As designs finalize and successful bids solidify plans we will continue to update the community.