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School of Choice Impact on the BR Community

BRPS conducted a recent survey of School of Choice families to determine the economic impact their enrollment at BRPS has on the BR community. 

27% of BRPS enrollment is comprised of students that live outside of the BRPS school district.  This amounts to 545 students and their families that are choosing to come into our community on a daily basis. 

These School of Choice families are not only choosing Big Rapids Public Schools, they are choosing the Big Rapids Community!

The survey results are shown here:


  • We believe that the people behind BRPS have hearts dedicated to kids. We are fully aware that BRPS has needed to make difficult decisions like every other district, but we also feel that these decisions were made with every attempt to keep important programming that helps make BRPS second to none. Specifically, your dedication to the arts, both performing and visual, is commendable, and the excellence of the teaching staff is unparalleled. BRPS has made decisions that change children's lives. Our experience has also proven that BRPS has dedicated staff at every level in every content area. Our children have thrived academically, and we feel BRPS has (and continues to) prepare our children for success in the world. BRPS does more than offer students outstanding programming; the people who make the magic with kids also care about the content of the characters of the students they teach. Our kids aren't perfect, but I feel confident that on the days when they are struggling being the best version of themselves, there are caring people involved at BRPS who will help to redirect and guide them, helping them make their next moments new. Last, we are impressed with the integrity to the vision that BRPS has. We value BRPS' willingness to tackle the tough issues, and how you do what is right for kids, even when faced with opposition. THANK YOU.
  • The opportunities available for my son. The amazing staff
  • We have been very happy with the academic choices, teaching staff, and administrative follow-through on any issue identified.
  • Better academics with more to offer at the high school level than our local district.
  • We feel that the overall quality of education is higher at BRPS. Additionally, my children have been a particularly fond of the arts, such as drama, which has a more support at BRPS.
  • I feel BRPS offers an excellent education and my child has more opportunities to excel than he would have at the school in the district where we live.
  • Best option for diversity in the area; College prep opportunities; More clubs, music and sports options; better facilities; caring teachers and administrators; Transportation to and from events for students.
  • Academic - test score comparisons to area schools Opportunity - future academic, athletic and extracurricular Sports - hockey available in BR schools at the High School level.
  • We made BRPS our choice because of academics!
  • I love all the staff at Big Rapids and love to send our kids there because I think they put the kids first and strive for a good education for them.
  • Better accountability for students and staff. More opportunities for academics and extra-curricular activities. Math curriculum. The teachers and office staff were friendly.
  • Mainly due to Dual Enrollment and AP classes offered. Also because of the band program and the tennis team, Quiz Bowl and Robotics offerings.