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School Safety - Respect & Dignity

Big Rapids Public Schools has taken on a new initiative to further improve school safety throughout the district.  Our program,  RESPECT AND DIGNITY AT ALL TIMES, has been delivered to students at all grade levels and to all BRPS staff.  We have set up a task force that will meet regularly to discuss issues of safety throughout the district.  The main goal of this program is to educate students, staff and families regarding school safety issues, implement a common language as it refers to social norms and issues like bullying, and to set expectations for all persons involved with Big Rapids Public Schools. 

The first thing all staff and students have learned is the definitions of respect and dignity, and the differences between teasing, conflict, and bullying.  Students and staff were given time to practice what they would do if in certain situations while maintaining respect and dignity for others at all times.  Students were taught how to report situations in which they believe they or another student is in need of help from an adult.  Safety education will be on-going at all levels by school counselors and staff. 

Graphics like the one here can be seen district-wide.  They remind all students, staff, families and visitors on how to treat others, what to look for and how to define the behavior they may be a witness to or be a part of.    The graphic is simplified for elementary-aged students, as seen here as well. 

Middle School, High School, Staff and Parent Version

Kindergarten/1st Grade Version

2nd through 4th Grade Version

Please look forward to seeing more information sent home and feel free to contact the task force at any time with any safety concerns you may have at stopbullying@brps.org.  These emails will be reviewed by the task force.