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Community Mentors in the Classrooms

Mentor in class

Brookside Elementary School is very excited to continue their “Community Mentor Program”. This unique initiative connects a community person with an appropriate classroom to become their mentor, supporter, and super hero. This relationship will develop during the school year with visits from their mentor, field trips to their place of business, and continuous support as suggested by the collaboration between the teacher and mentor. 

Building positive relationships between school, students, parents, teachers, and community is an integral part of teaching students the value of community. Enabling students to see first-hand why they should value, appreciate and take ownership of the place they call home will encourage them to become successful, caring, participating adult citizens. Teaching children now to become involved philanthropically, service oriented, or just a proud citizen of their community is our legacy as adults.

One of the outcomes for the “Community Mentor Program” is to build a strong, positive relationship with the Big Rapids community. Being able to showcase students and their successes will ensure that everyone will recognize how lucky we are to be Big Rapids Public School families.

Brookside looks forward to sharing on a regular basis stories of our chosen mentors, their commitment to their class and the valuable life experiences they have chosen to share. 

If you're interested in being a part of our Community Mentors Program, please contact Brookside Elementary at (231) 796-8323.  

Click here to view our Community Mentor Flyer and find out who our Classroom Mentors are this year!

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