Big Rapids High School

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment at Big Rapids High School

All dual enrollment registrations must be processed through the BRHS Guidance Office. Attendance at a dual enrollment meeting, offered both in the fall and spring, is required prior to dual enrolling. (New students may meet with a counselor if the meeting has already occurred.)

Courses offered at BRHS 2017-2018:

  • FSU Interpersonal Communications – COMM 105 (FALL)
  • FSU Political Science - PLSC 121 (FALL)
  • MMCC Music Appreciation – MUS 275 (FALL)
  • FSU Intro to Psychology - PSYC 121 (Spring)
  • FSU Public Speaking - COMM 121 (Spring)
  • FSU Intro to Humanities - HUMN 100 (Spring)
  • MMCC Biology – BIO 101 (Winter/Spring)
  • MMCC Pre-Calculus – MAT 124 (Winter/Spring)

Courses tentatively offered at BRHS 2018-2019:

  • MMCC Music Appreciation – MUS 275 (Trimester 1/5th hr)
  • FSU Intro to Physical Anthropology - ANTH 121 (FALL/TR 2nd hr)
  • FSU Intro to Women's Studies - WGST 105 (FALL/TBD)
  • FSU Interpersonal Communications – COMM 105 (Spring/MW 2nd hr)
  • FSU Art History, Prehistory thru Middle Ages (Spring/MW 2nd hr)
  • MMCC Biology – BIO 101 (Winter-Spring/ MTWRF 3rd hr)
  • MMCC Pre-Calculus – MAT 124 (Winter-Spring/ MTWR 1st hr)

Ferris State University Enrollment Requirements

(3.25 min. GPA for grades 9-11; 3.0 min. GPA for grade 12)

Mid Michigan Community College Requirements

  • Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Application (Social Security Number required)
  • Dual Enrollment Registration Form (3/17) (To be typed, printed, signed and turned into guidance office at BRHS)
  • Online courses are also available through MMCC. Courses frequently taken include:
    • Principals of Sociology (SOC101)
    • Contemporary Social Problems (SOC200)
    • Fundamentals ofCommunication (SPE101)
    • Intro to Business Issues (BUS151)
**Meeting with a BRHS school counselor is crucial to a positive experience with dual/concurrent enrollment. This page is intended to assist with the process, not to replace meeting with your school counselor.