Big Rapids Middle School



The BRMS Garden Club

is a group of students that tend to the 4 garden boxes outside of the school during growing season. Students will choose what we plant each season, then tend to the garden after seeds are planted. They will weed, water, and harvest their plants. We also have a compost bin, using leftover scraps from the lunchroom here to help create richer soil for when we plant our seeds. The composting is done all year long, and provides a use for leftover lunchroom scraps! Throughout the season we will provide the fruits and/or vegetables to students and their families that they have grown. We hope to make it fruitful enough to maybe one day have a table at the Farmers Market, or be able to provide a fresh food pantry at the school for families that need it. 

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The BRMS Student Council is comprised of representatives from each class (5-8).  Each representative is required to campaign and rally fellow students to vote them into a representative position.  The candidates make posters to hang in the school, speak to their classmates about their vision and goals for their class, and describe what they will do if they "take office" as a Student Council representative.  The students voted into representative positions on the Student Council then participate in community service events, fundraising opportunities, and take part in improvements at BRMS.