Big Rapids Middle School


BRMS Band Mission Statement

The Big Rapids Middle School instrumental music department provides quality
education for all students, serving as a foundation for lifelong learning, enjoyment,
creativity, and performance.

Class Policies

The study of music is fun, but like anything else worth doing, it takes work. It is particularly
important that you understand that this class is not just a personal experience for you –
your participation directly affects the musical experience and education of the other
students in the ensemble. Band requires teamwork that is very similar to a sports team –
the teammates depend upon each other and rely on the dedication of everyone
toward a common goal.




6th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Choir, 8th Grade Choir – All classes focus on music literacy, vocal technique, instrument skills (piano, ukulele, recorder, percussion), and performance skills.


Big Rapids Middle School Art students are given the opportunity to experience and participate in art through production, history, culture, and criticism.  Student artwork is showcased throughout the community and on the BRMS Art Facebook page.  

Visit our Big Rapids Middle School Art Facebook page to stay up to date on all things related to BRMS Art.  


The Big Rapids Middle School Technology students get the opportunity to learn and experience multiple facets of technology.  Students learn the importance of digital citizenship and the responsibility of using technology for the future.  In addition, students create, communicate, and collaborate on different presentations, websites, and other projects using a variety of media from  Microsoft Office, Google, and other web-based programs.  BRMS students also create and edit a weekly video announcement that is broadcasted to the school on Friday mornings.

View the student-created video announcements here.  

Students at Big Rapids Middle School work to earn High School credit for Spanish IA and Spanish IB over the course of a school year, allowing them to enter high school with two classes completed. Students actively learn how to speak in Spanish at a basic level and communicate effectively with others about instructed topics. They learn to read in the target language and respond appropriately to question and answer situations, and write simple paragraphs in Spanish using correct grammatical structures.             

Basic topics for Spanish IA and IB include: greetings, describing oneself, activities, places, time, food, family, present tense verbs, weather phrases, seasonal activities, clothing, select holidays from Spanish speaking countries, present tense verb conjugation, city and town vocabulary, prepositional phrases, house vocabulary, possessive adjectives, and introductory grammatical structures.

For Spanish IA and IB students utilize two main websites for study within and outside class:

  •   (website for vocabulary practice)   Students are able to find each unit with a lengthy vocabulary set and choose a variety of methods to study and HEAR their vocabulary words.

  •    (website for verb conjugation practice) students can practice the essential skill of conjugating verbs in Spanish 

In addition, the fifth grade enrichment at the Middle School teaches students to; greet and introduce each other in Spanish, feel comfortable with the sound and pronunciation of Spanish, practice introductory reading skills, and describe some of their favorite things to do.

This is an active class and the students are engaged in speaking Spanish for a majority of the class every day! 

Please see the resources below for Music Class Resources:

Click here for Mrs. Jeanna Lamar's Parent Information Letter