Big Rapids Virtual School

6-8th Grade Virtual School

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BRVS K-12 provides a curriculum for all students, starting in Kindergarten and ending with high school graduation.  Each online curriculum offers embedded supports paired with BRPS educator supports.


BRVS Virtual 6-8th grade uses a platform called Apex Learning.

Apex Learning

Informational Video



Student Resources

What you get

  • Online curriculum is designed for independent navigation; instruction and activities are delivered in an online, virtual format w/ embedded supports.

Our Role

  • BRPS Educators provide feedback and tutoring and manage all aspects of the program and student supports.

Your Role

  • Families facilitate the learning environment and schedule.

6-8 Schedule Infographic

Flexible Schedule

  • Six (6) classes available at all times:

    • Four (4) Core

    • Two (2) Enrichment

  • Students schedule options:

    • 4 Core then 2 Enrichment

    • 2 Core + 1 Enrichment then 
      2 Core + 1 Enrichment

Flipped Learning Style

  • Independent navigation of learning program.

  • Individual support as needed.

20+ Hours Weekly

  • No hallways passing times or classroom transitions means more efficient learning.
    • Virtual MS = 4+ Hours Daily
    • Traditional MS = 7 Hours Daily

Weekly Progress Reports

  • Student = Weekly Remote Check-In
  • Parent = Weekly Progress Report

All Tests Proctored

  • In-Person = Any time
  • Remote = Two testing sessions daily


Mitch Cumings