Big Rapids Virtual School

Where are they now?

 CLASS OF 2015

Audrey will graduate this spring from The Cadillac Institute of Cosmetology.

She currently goes to school and works full time.

Her fiancé is stationed in Arizona so she is going to take her state coasmetology test then go out to Arizona after that.

Audrey says that BRVS taught her responsibility and that she can achieve her goals even when things weren't ideal or easy!

 CLASS OF 2016


I'm now in Troy Ohio, I've been going to Hobart institute of welding technology for the last 9 months. I plan on being a pipe welder. High school would of taken me so much longer to get my diploma and get further education done if it weren't for BRVS and the wonderful staff. Anytime I needed help it was always available and having one on one teaching help me learn and retain the information much better.













I am proud to say that I am a part of the first graduating class at Big Rapids Virtual School, class of 2014. When I came to this school in my senior year, I was about 21 classes behind.  I always struggled in school and did not got the help that I needed from  teachers. I was always told that I needed to figure it out myself, or ask other classmates, even though no one else knew what to do either. I had never experienced the kind of heart, dedication, and passion for students until I came to BRVS. I was treated more like family, rather then just another student that they didn't care about. Teachers were always there to assist, encourage, and help me through my work. They would take their time with each student. They wouldn't just rush to answer a question, even if there was a line of students behind them. They wanted to make sure that I completely understood what I was doing. Honestly, I didn't ever think that I would be able to graduate, especially since I was so far behind. I wanted to walk with my class, so I pushed through and I DID IT!  I feel so blessed to have gone to this school and  to have gotten the help  from everyone there. I can't say Thank You enough. 

I've been out of school for 3 years now, and am a mother to the sweetest one year old.  I am engaged to my best friend, and I continued my schooling to become a Nail Technician. Life is crazy, but  at the same time, such a joy. I wouldn't have it any other way.  My plans for the next two years are to get my Nail Tech License , continue working at the spa, plan a wedding, and buy a house with a big back yard where my little one can run around.  

All of this would have never happened if I wouldn't have gone to BRVS and graduated on time. This is one amazing school that has so much passion for their students and wants them all to succeed.

I made the right choice  when I decided to transfer to BRVS. I don't regret my decision  at all.

  CLASS OF 2014

I'm still living in Big Rapids, working full time at Fluis Routing Services. I plan to attend an online college to get my associate's degress in sign language and make a career in that field.

BRVS helped me realize not everyone learns from reading a book and in a classroom. There are many different ways to learn!

I loved being able to do the work on my time in the comfort of my house!

 CLASS OF 2014


I am living in my own apartment. Have two beautiful children. I plan on continuing to be a stay at home mom for now. Without BRVS I am not sure I would have had the ambition or strength to persevere through all the tough times in my life. I want to say a huge thanks to the staff for always being my cheerleaders even when I wanted to give up.

 CLASS OF 2016


I am currently a full time college student at Mid Michigan Community College. My major is in Medical Assistant but I am going back after that to be a trauma nurse! This is my second semester and my GPA is a 3.5! Super proud of that.

I also have a full time job and might possibly be getting hired in at the hospital in Ionia. I live in Portland Michigan now.

I may have slacked off a little while I was at BRVS but ultimately it helped me realize that graduating from high school is important. I'm very glad I realized that and got my stuff together!