Big Rapids Virtual School

Student Information

BRVS students have the opportunity to attend Mecosta-Osceola Career Center

Students must be in their junior year to enroll in the program. Some of the programs grant licenses upon completion.
​BRPS transportation drops off and picks up students at BRVS every day.

Students earn 3 credits per year at MOCC, and are expected to complete at least 9 classes at BRVS.

BRVS students must:

  • Communicate with mentor/teacher on a weekly basis by answering the Question of the Week.

  • Take all pre-tests and post-tests in the BRVS lab.

  • Pass a minimum of one class per month to stay in the program.

BRVS students have a choice of two diploma tracks:

  1. The BRHS diploma follows all the requirements of the High School.

  2. The virtual track (Big Rapids Public Schools diploma) includes the state mandated academic classes, but not the electives.  The virtual track is only offered to seniors who are behind in credits, or students who have attended school four or more years.  The virtual track diploma is recognized by colleges, community colleges, trade/tech schools, and the military.