Brookside Elementary


What is School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) at Brookside?

In the past, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior (by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, and suspensions). Research has shown that the implementation of those strategies, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. At Brookside, under our Student Services Team, we introduce conversation, reflection, modeling, problem solving and reinforcement of positive social behavior. This is an extremely important step of a student's educational experience. We continually teach behavioral expectations and reward students for following them; this is a much more positive approach. The purpose of school-wide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. We love the Leader in Me (teaching and instilling of the 7 habits) and PBIS, which complement each other and support our mission.

Our Student Services Team:

Kara Schafer, Principal
Officer Lorne, School Liaison Officer
Makenzie Currie, School Nurse

For more information about PBIS, please click here.