Riverview Elementary

Points of Pride

National Blue Ribbon School

  • Riverview Elementary was one of just 15 schools in the state of Michigan to be recognized as an 'exemplary high performing school' with the honor of the National Blue Ribbon Award for 2020.  
  • Technology has come to the forefront in education so Riverview instructional staff is utilizing an array of tech devices within the classroom for instruction. We are fortunate to have new interactive projectors, Chromebooks, document cameras, and iPads in the classroom for an enhanced learning experience. Students in all grades work with each other as mentors, reading and bus buddies, as well as academic tutors.
  • Our learning environment is also enhanced through a partnership with Ferris State University, which includes 40 and 80-hour education students, student teachers, “Reading Literacy” work-study students, volunteers from FSU Athletic Department, social work students, psychology interns, social organization volunteers, and research students. Many community members volunteer their time at Riverview to work with our students academically and build relationships. Riverview prides itself on the community/school relationship.

  • The staff at Riverview look for the best 21st Century learning opportunities for students, and actively engage them by using the latest academic content and interactive online programs.

  • Riverview Elementary has an extremely positive school environment which allows students to participate in many positive learning environment activities including spirit week, concerts, plays, book fairs, Title nights, online programs, parades, field trips, concerts, health & fitness, and parent-teacher conferences.

  • Throughout the school year, Riverview students participate in community service projects, such as holiday door tag hanging, celebrating Nurse’s Week, and card-making for our troops.  They continually build relationships and partnerships with community organizations.

  • The State of Michigan released school ratings in the spring and Riverview Elementary was in the Top 5% percentile twice in the last 5 years, nominated for the 2019 National ESEA Distinguished Schools Award by the State of Michigan, and received a School Wellness Award for 2019-20.

  • The staff at Riverview radiates high energy and embraces positivity, teamwork, and the love of learning. They continue to “Rock” the students learning and work hard at making our students' experience at school the best it can be!