Riverview Elementary

Title I Math

Riverview's Rockin' Title I Math Program

In an effort to address the need to improve mathematic education and instruction that will improve mathematic learning.  Title I Math is a federally funded program to help children achieve math success.  In general, Title One Math seeks to provide additional or extended learning opportunities, individualized support, and alternative instructional strategies.

The goal of Title One Math is to provide extra math help and instruction for struggling students. 
Title One instruction is specialized math instruction that is provided through the cooperation of the classroom teacher and the Title One Math teacher.

Supplemental Math instruction with the Title One Math teacher will be in small groups, three to five times a week for approximately 30 minutes sessions.

Students may exit the program at any time during the year. Students will be dismissed from the program by showing grade level performance in the classroom, performance on the NWEA, and/or teacher request.