Connecting Cardinals - Learning Plan

Big Rapids Public Schools has comprised a District-Wide Continuity of Learning Plan for students during this time of state-mandated distanced learning.  Our goal is to:

  • Keep Students at The Center - Intentional outreach to continue building relationships and maintain connections. Help students feel safe and valued.

  • Design Learning for Equity and Access - Plan and deliver content in multiple ways so all students can access learning.

  • Assess Student Learning - Manage and monitor student learning and plan what’s next for learning including the potential need for summer and supplemental learning.

Parents and students, click on your school to access your weekly assignments.

Brookside Elementary Middle School  
Eastwood Elementary

High school


Riverview Elementary Virtual School Button  


class not found**NOTE** If you're having trouble accessing a Google Classroom, you may need the class code.  Students should have these codes but parents will need to contact teachers via email to get access.  



Other Resources

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Office Hours & Contact Information

Central Office will be available for phone calls on Monday and Wednesdays from 9 am - 1 pm.  

Each building's office hours are posted on their Learning Page.  Choose from the blue buttons above to access each school's Learning Page.


Big Rapids Public Schools Central Office
21034 15 Mile Road
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P: (231) 796-2627     F: (231) 592-0639


Brookside Elementary School
210 Escott
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P:  (231) 796-8323     F:  (231) 592-3496

Big Rapids Middle School
500 North Warren Avenue
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P:  (231) 796-9965     F:  (231) 592-3494

Eastwood Elementary School
410 N. 3rd Avenue
Big Rapids, MI  49307
P:  Contact Brookside or Riverview

Big Rapids High School
21175 15 Mile Road
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P: (231) 796-7651     F: (231) 592-8505

Riverview Elementary School
509 Willow
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P:  (231) 796-2550     F:  (231) 592-8501

Big Rapids Virtual School
14980 215th Avenue
Big Rapids, MI 49307
P:  (231) 796-3489     F:  (231) 592-0644