We are delighted to share the incredible impact our community support has had on our school district!

Thanks to the collective efforts and commitment of our community members, we've been able to bring about numerous positive changes and improvements in our schools.

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Your support has paved the way for enhanced educational programs, upgraded facilities, and increased resources for both students and teachers. The sense of unity and collaboration within our community has created a nurturing environment where everyone can thrive.

From supporting extracurricular activities to providing essential resources, your dedication has played a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for the students in our school district. Together, we've fostered a culture of learning, growth, and excellence.

Let's continue this journey of community support, as we look forward to even more exciting developments and achievements in our school district. Thank you for being an integral part of this positive transformation!

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Operating Millage

The BRPS operating millage comprises about $4.4* million of operating revenues for our schools. These funds are used to pay for staffing, purchase textbooks and classroom supplies, and operate the district's school buildings. The State of Michigan assumes school districts levy and collect the full 18 mills, and subtracts this amount from each districts per pupil allowance. For BRPS, this is equal to more than $1,880* per pupil. The state does not make up the difference per pupil if these local funds are not collected. (*Figures as of the 2023-24 school year)

The operating millage renewal is NOT paid by those that only have a primary residence in our district. It only applies to local businesses, industrial and commercial property, or property that is not the owner's primary residence.

Each year, the Big Rapids Public School district votes on whether to approve this millage. Historically, the district has always voted in favor of this millage.

Sinking Fund

A sinking fund is one option Michigan school districts have to fund projects and expenditures related to their facilities and equipment. The district benefits from a sinking fund because it dedicates an annual amount of funds for approved uses and protects the community’s school facility investment.

Sinking funds cannot be spent on maintenance or other operational expenses, teacher, administrator, or employee salaries/benefits, supplies, technology, or buses.

A sinking fund dedicates annual funds for repairs, applies to minor construction projects, and has no interest costs .

We would like to thank the Big Rapids Community for helping make necessary improvements to our school facilities through sinking funds. These improvements significantly improved the safety and learning environments for our students and staff.

2018 Bond Improvements

On May 8, 2018, Big Rapids Public School District proposed a bond intended to fund three major areas of concern as recognized by the BRPS Board of Education, the staff, the students, and the Big Rapids Community. Those three areas were:

  • Teaching and learning conditions,

  • Safety, security, and health matters, and

  • Building and facility deficiencies.

Through extensive planning, research, and countless hours of meetings, the school district proposed a plan that would address the concerns while still maintaining the fiscal responsibility they uphold with pride. They categorized improvement priorities into three categories as recognized by various constituents and asked voters to support the district through multiple projects that would be completed should the bond pass.

The ballot language stated that voters would determine whether to pass an increase of 2.35 mills to generate $24,950,000 for the school district.

The school district voted in favor of the proposal by a '1,313 Yes' to '1,245 No' margin.

Since the passing of the 2018 bond, our schools and grounds have transformed and become safer, healthier, and improved environments for learning and pride for our district has grown! Bond improvements can be reviewed by clicking the '2018 Bond Overview Booklet' below. This booklet summarizes all the projects that were completed as a result of the voters' support. We are very proud to share these projects with you!

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