Welcome to the Big Rapids Public School Food Service Department

Big Rapids Public Schools participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program. This allows us to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. For this program to be successful, we encourage all students to eat school-offered breakfast and lunch.

We also need families to fill out the Education Benefits Form. This form determines state and federal funding for schools. Without this information, the Big Rapids Public Schools could lose important funding for education programs and technology that our students need.

Based on the information you provide on your Education Benefits Form, your child may qualify for other programs such as: 

  • Programs that provide food support

  • Programs that provide field trip support

  • Programs that provide school supplies or assist with school fees

  • Potential household support for cable and internet

Some programs may require you to fill out a Sharing Information with Other Programs form.

All Education Benefits Forms are Confidential. Only one form is needed per family.

Students that require special diets or meal accommodations, please fill out the Special Dietary Statement.

Big Rapids Public Schools Food Service is committed to offering healthy, well-balanced meals that meet the Federal Nutritional Guidelines for schools.