Making The Grade

Learn more about BRPS through these 'Making the Grade' videos, produced by Ferris TV:

In this episode of making the grade, Superintendent Haist and members of the Eastwood Elementary staff discuss highlights of the year at their building. All BRPS kindergarten classes started the year at Eastwood, which was new for the 2023-24 school year so the excitement was buzzing for our little cardinals!

This episode of making the grade highlights the physical wellness of our students and staff at Big Rapids Public Schools. Superintendent Haist speaks with school nurse, Laura Bouwkamp, Health and Physical Education teacher Josh Easler, and Athletic Trainer Jess VanTroosenberghe.

This episode of Making the Grade covers the safety and security procedures at Big Rapids Public Schools.

This episode takes a look at the Big Rapids Virtual School with Mitch Cumings as our guest, BRVS Director. He explains how the online curriculum will help aid students along with what goals it aims to accomplish.

On this episode, our host Tim Haist, (Big Rapids Public Schools Superintendent) speaks with Karen Jefts, (Big Rapids High School Counselor) and Katie Thomas, (Big Rapids Middle School Counselor) about the social/emotional wellness of students at Big Rapids Public schools.

On this episode of Making the Grade, host Tim Haist interview several staff members about the impact of COVID on Big Rapids Public Schools students.

Joshua Bull, Middle School Principal comments on the general sentiment among students at the middle school.

Tim also interviews Katie Thomas, the Middle School Counselor, and Nathan Fricke, the Middle School Behavioral Interventionist.

In this episode of Making the Grade, Big Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Tim Haist talks with BRHS Guidance Counselor Karen Jefts and BRPS School Nurse Mary Underhill. They each discuss their jobs and how they improve the school system. Moving forward, they talk about the tough times that kids are experiencing, as well as how that affects the staff of BRPS

In this episode of making the grade our host Tim Haist, Superintendent of Big Rapids High School is joined by Renee Kent, Principal of Riverview Elementary and Delphine Defever, a teacher at Riverview Elementary. They discuss the current achievements of the school such as the National Blue Ribbon Reward and then talk about the changes the school had to make due to the COVID pandemic.